How Do Fuel Cards Work?

Fuel Cards enable drivers and company staff to fill up at fuel stations accepted on the fuel card network. Rather than using cash or credit/debit cards, the employee presents their fuel card to the shopkeeper. The company will then be billed for the transaction at a later date.

Who Can Use A Fuel Card?

Fuel cards are designed for businesses that have their own vehicles, from the smallest to the largest businesses. Using a fuel card is an alternative to providing employees with cash or credit/debit cards, meaning they are more secure.

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How To Use A Fuel Card

  1. Arrive at any fuel station that accepts your chosen fuel card
  2. Fill your vehicle with fuel
  3. Present your fuel card to the shopkeeper
  4. You will be asked to enter your PIN
  5. They will also ask for your mileage (this is optional)
  6. The fuel card will be swiped for payment

And just like that, you have used your fuel card.

What Are The Benefits Of Fuel Cards?

There are many different benefits to using fuel cards, for example, lower costs and increased security.

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Fuel Card Comparison

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