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Available to use across the UK and Ireland
Multi card solution
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About the Boyne Fuel Card

The Boyne Fuel Card provides access to a 24 hour – 7 day a week refuelling service situated on main trunk runks across Ireland. Fleet Managers gain more control over where and when drivers use their fuel card, plus can limit purcashing to strictly fuel and set limits on spend and usage.

What types of Boyne Fuel Cards are available?

The Boyne Fuel Card is a multi card solution, meaning separate fuel cards are required for the UK and Ireland.

Is the Boyne Fuel Card the one for you?

If you are searching for a fuel card that you can use at thousands of fuel stations across the UK and Ireland, then the Boyne Fuel Card is suitable for your business.

Boyne Fuel Card gives you access to a large site network and a range of online management tools. Discover more about this fuel card below.

Boyne Fuel Card

Boyne Fuel Card

Boyne Fuel Card

Where can it be used?

The Boyne Fuel Card can be used at over 4,000 sites across the UK and Ireland, which includes every major fuel brand.

This fuel card offers an extensive network of fuel stations that are situated on main trunk roads across the UK and Ireland.


The Boyne Fuel Card uses different bands of pricing. This means that fuel stations are separate into different groups and each group has its own price.

This fuel card is suitable for businesses that only operate in their local area due to the bands pricing system. It does offer a saving on fuel costs, however, if you are a fleet that uses a large amount of fuel or travels nationwide then a fixed weekly price may be more beneficial.

Benefits of the Fuelwise Fuel Card

The Boyne Fuel Card is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including sole traders and limited companies.

The key benefits of the Fuelwise Fuel Card are;

  • Cost Savings
  • Personal Account Manager
  • No Minimum Usage
  • Online Account Management System
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Integration

Why use Fuel Card Comparison?

We are the only fuel card comparison website dedicated to Irish businesses. Using Fuel Card Comparison you will be matched with the most suitable for your business.

Why should you compare fuel cards?

Best Value

When you compare fuel cards you will find the suppliers who can offer the best value to meet your requirements.


Each fuel card supplier will offer their own benefits. You will be matched with the supplier who most matches with yours.


When you compare fuel cards you get to compare the benefits and choose from multiple suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fuel card is a form of payment used by businesses to purchase fuel.

Every fuel card will have their own network where their fuel card can be used.

Your employee will fill up at the pump as normal, then use their fuel card to pay. You will then receive an invoice from your fuel card supplier which will contain transactions within a given period.

The easiest way is to start by comparing fuel cards. We will then match you with the most suitable fuel card based on your requirements.

Some fuel card providers only supply fuel cards to businesses, whilst others trade with individuals.